Whats The Deal With Online CCW Courses?

Here's What You Need To Know

Let’s face it, a firearms (change to gun range) range is not for everyone. In (change to with) all the concealed carry classes Virginia, or any state, has to offer, you won’t always get a quick lesson in how to handle your gun and leave confident in your knowledge. 

What’s the Deal 

There will be other aspiring gun owners in your midst at varying stages of learning, some firing guns so loud that you can barely hear your instructor. If you already have experience firing a gun and have to take concealed carry classes your state requires, you may feel the class is moving at a turtle’s pace. No matter how much you already know, the instructor will require you to move at the same pace as everyone else in the class.

Fortunately, concealed carry classes online provide you with a better and alternative option. Although some states have strict requirements for obtaining your gun license, we can provide your instruction here on our site. After taking a specially designed Carrying a Concealed Weapon(change to Carry and Concealed Weapon), or CCW class online, with us, you will be able to apply for your license to conceal/carry in many other states.

What’s The Deal With CCW Insurance

If you carry a firearm for self defense, whether the gun is concealed on your person because you have a concealed carry permit (CCW) or it is stored in your vehicle, you clearly understand the possibility of using a firearm to defend your life, the life of a loved one, or the life of a victim of a violent crime.

And, since you’re reading an article about the best concealed carry courses, you also probably understand that after your use of lethal force (even if you never fired your weapon) you might have an expensive, and time consuming, legal battle ahead of you.

This is why “concealed carry insurance” or “CCW insurance” has become a popular option for many people who carry a firearm for self defense. Choosing the right option can help cover the costs of a criminal or civil trial.

But be careful! Not all coverage options are equal and some are lacking in a few crucial areas. Also, none of these are actually “insurance,” they are pre-paid legal coverage.

Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Q: What is a Concealed Carry Permit?
A: A concealed carry permit is a government-issued license to carry a concealed firearm out in public.

Q: What is a Concealed Weapons Permit?
A: A concealed weapons permit is the same thing as a concealed carry permit. It is a government-issued license to carry a concealed firearm out in public.

Q: What is a CCW?
A: “CCW” is used as just another name for a concealed weapons permit or a concealed carry permit.

Q: What does CCW stand for?
A: “CCW” stands for “Carry a Concealed Weapon.”

Q: Does a CCW allow me to carry wherever I want?
A: No! You may not cary wherever you want with a concealed carry permit. Your CCW is limited to the jurisdiction which issued it and only those other jurisdictions which have elected to recognize/honor your permit. Also, most states have certain areas that are restriction even with a valid permit (some places that may be off-limits include bars, public buildings, etc.)

Q: What is a “shall issue” state?
A: A shall issue state must give you a CCW if you satisfy all of the other requirements.

Q: What is a “may issue” state?
A: A may issue state is not required to give you a CCW even if you meet the requirements.

Q: What is a “Constitutional Carry” state?
A: A Constitutional carry state does not require its citizens to obtain a CCW before carrying a concealed firearm.

Q: Can you really get a CCW online?
A: Yes, you can get a CCW online through Virginia if you take an authorized course.

Q: What is the fastest online CCW course?
A: RocketCCW is the fastest online CCW course.

Q: What is the best online CCW course?
A: Concealed Carry offers the best online CCW course.

Q: Can a felon get a concealed weapons permit?
A: No, a felon may not legally posses firearms (let alone get a CCW) unless they’ve specifically had their firearm rights restored.