Ian from Forgotten Weapons gets some trigger time with the incredible American 180 .22 caliber machine gun.

This isn’t something you want to pass up.

Many shooters might scoff at how well a .22 long rifle bullet for self defense or law enforcement. Well, that argument fades away quickly when a swarm of those angry little bullets come screaming out of a machine gun at 1200 rounds per minute.

 The American Arms 180 is a drum fed machine gun with a hefty appetite. Firing from a 177 or a larger 275-round drum magazine, those cartridges went quick at the high cyclic rate. Marketed to law enforcement it had some commercial success before gun control laws in 1986 sunk the effort.

Once again Ian from Forgotten Weapons gets to shoot and check out the very coolest historical firearms. Special thanks for sharing these great videos so we can experience them, too.





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