Why Everyone Loves Military Surplus Guns

Are you one of the thousands of American shooters who enjoys taking your Mosin to the range?  Maybe you’ve picked up a few Lee-Enfields or a Garand and it’s your go to when you want a hard thumping round and a sore shoulder.  You’re not alone.  America has had a love affair with military surplus […]

The Good, Bad, And Indifferent About Investing In Guns

You might really love guns, enjoy shooting them, maintaining them, collecting them, but can you turn that hobby into an actual investment that will pay off?  Ideally every gun you buy would appreciate and outperform the stock market, but that’s probably not going to be the case.  Guns, like any other commodity, can be a […]

Five Guns Every Shooter Should Avoid

Choosing the perfect self defense carry weapon is a very personal choice. Before making a purchase, we always recommend heading to your local range and trying out some rentals. Guns are a big investment for most shooters.  They’re not cheap, you may need to use one in a life or death situation, and you also just […]

[CLOSED] The Personal Defense Giveaway

The Personal Defense Giveaway (Click Image to Enter) Galco Holsters has put together the ultimate Personal Defense Package and is giving YOU the opportunity to try and win it! One lucky winner will receive: ​An HK VP9. 1,000 Rounds of 9mm ammunition. A complete AR500 body armor bundle. A $1000 Galco Holsters gift card and […]

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