Concealed Carry Hero Stops Killer, James Jones

Arlington, Texas – An active shooter entered a Texas sports bar armed with two guns and opened fire, killing an innocent man. Then, before the shooter knew what was happening, his body gained an extra pound of lead, ending the threat.

James Jones, 48, appeared ready to go on a deadly rampage on Wednesday evening when he entered the Zona Caliente Sports Bar, started yelling about “F—-ing Mexicans,” and shot Cesar Perez, 37. Jones did not know Perez and he may have been targeted for being Hispanic.

James Jones was stopped as his shooting spree began when a concealed carry hero stopped him.

The witnesses said that they thought they would be next, as Jones, armed with two guns and multiple knives, scanned for additional victims.

 “He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business,” Arlington Police Lieutenant Chris Cook told NBC News.

However, James Jones must have forgot he was in Texas. An armed concealed carry hero was eating with his wife in the restaurant at the time. The hero told his wife to get down as he drew his gun, and opened fire on Jones, fatally shooting him in the back.

“I don’t think the shooter even knew where the rounds were coming from because he started shooting at the front door,” Lieutenant Cook said.

 The hero is not seeking recognition for his courageous act, and asked to remain anonymous, saying that he was overwhelmed and relieved that he was able to keep Jones from killing more people.

“We’re thankful that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted quickly and decisively to end the threat,” Lieutenant Cook said. “We never recommend people get involved. That’s a personal decision that a citizen has to make.”

Thankfully, this hero was present and was able to end the threat before James Jones could kill again.

 Would you be ready to confront an active shooter? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.


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