This video by the Military Arms Channel is a review of the Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 AK47 Silencer. This AK Silencer works with every popular caliber on most every AK47 or AK74 type rifles.

Dead Air Armament was founded by Mike Pappas. Pappas and collaborator Todd Magee are two silencer designers who aim to build the best suppressors on the market. There is no substitute for materials and no shortcuts with Dead Air Armament products. The company uses 100% Stellite, which costs three times more than stainless steel. For tubes, Dead Air uses high-performance precipitation hardened stainless steel and Grade #9 titanium. Most of the products of the company are designed for law enforcement applications.

The Wolverine PBS-1 AK47 Silencer is 7.4 inches in length, and weighs around 19.8 to 24.4 ounces. Its finish is Cerakote with nitrided parts. The silencer costs $1,099 if bought on Dead Air Armament’s Website.

The Wolverine Silencer’s mount system has a two-piece locking collar, with the front half acting as a lock nut to securely hold the rear half down. The thread insert is swappable. Dead Air Armament plans to release more thread sizes, including 14L, 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L.

The host of the video starts by using the Wolverine PBS-1 AK47 Silencer with an Arsenal SAM-7UF and 122gr Red Army Standard ammunition. He uses a tool to measure the decibels of each shot. The first shot was 141.7 decibels, the second was 142.3 decibels, the third was 139.9 decibels, the fourth was 140.2 decibels, and the fifth was 138.7 decibels. These numbers are right along the border of what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states as safe impact noise, which is 140.6 decibels. Although he thinks the Wolverine Silencer does suppress the noise considerably, the host still recommends using hearing protection when shooting.

The host concludes by stating that the Wolverine PBS1 AK47 Silencer is a very close copy – but far better than – the Russian PBS1 suppressor.



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