Chad from Iraqveteran8888 shows viewers how to build a basic AR-15. This is basically taking a parts kit and building a 16-inch carbine with all the features. Some guys like building a rifle for themselves, others prefer building on a basic model, so it comes down to preference.

This is a CMMG MK4 LE upper that’s been broken apart, and a CMMG lower and parts kit. Everything is in parts, except for the receiver extension and the hardened pin, so it’s really going to be assembled from scratch. He says ARs are like the Legos of the gun world, so they’re good for tinkering with. The kits are color-coded so it’s easy to see and you won’t get anything mixed up.

He starts with the assembly of the lower receiver, which is a bare bones, milspec build. He uses a Geissele Reaction block – an apparatus that locks on the vise and helps hold the receiver in place and lets you use both hands to do the rest. He shows the parts needed for the receiver extension, and assembles them, going through the process step-by-step.

He then puts the receiver extension on the Geissele on the vise, tightens it and proceeds to build the rest of the receiver, starting with the magazine catch button then the bolt catch, trigger guard and trigger, safety assembly, grip, takedown pin, buffer.

Chad moves on to the upper. He uses an upper receiver block to hold it in place on the vise, putting the barrel assembly in place, including the flash hider, front sight post, forward assist, charging handle, bolt carrier group, then drops everything onto the lower, put in the stock and the gun is complete. He tests everything to make sure nothing sticks, everything functions as it should and nothing is out of place. He offers plenty of helpful tips as he builds, pointing out the various tools that are needed, and some handy notes that you can only learn from doing the actual build.



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