In this episode of TFBTV, Edward O talks about the Jericho 941 and his years of use with both the full-sized and compact variants available in Canada. The Jericho 941 is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol out of Israel.

Edward says there are three variations of the Jericho 941. There’s the Baby Eagle, the New Jericho and the Jericho 941. Both IWI and IWI US make the guns in steel frames and polymer frames. He says he’s not a big fan of polymer frames personally, but he really like steel frames.

The IWI US version has a frame-matted safety whereas the IWI one has a slide-mounted decocker. That decocker is the fundamental limitation of this firearm, and the point that most people take issue with. The Jericho is built similarly to a CZ 75; in fact, they take the same magazines, but the rest of the components are different. The magazine compatibility is a double-edged sword. It’s awesome in that you can pick up more affordable magazines, but it also means that there are reliability issues sometimes, depending on the magazine.

The one he has is 9mm, but they also have other configurations. You also get a lot of Israeli after-market support, and a whole host of accessories. The Jericho has a small slide on it compared to other 9mm handguns. He says he likes it in terms of grip, because there’s a lot of space to make contact with. The downside is that there’s nothing to grab on to on the slide.

Most of the versions for sale have the accessory rail on the bottom. He says he wishes he could buy one of the earlier versions, because this one’s slide means you cannot carry the gun cocked and locked. It does have a hefty double-action pull, and a nice, tight single-action pull.

Edward also demonstrates how to field-strip and reassemble the gun. He says as long as the fundamental handgun works, the best handgun is the one that a person has the most experience with.



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