According to news sources, Harris County Deputies responded to a call of a shooting and possible home invasion at a residence in the 10100 block of Rosbrook Dr. near Morebrook.  Upon their arrival, a reliable source reported that approximately 10 suspects who were on a roof opened fire on them.  Reports have been received that several suspects are still inside the residence and that several black males were seen running from the residence beside a bayou.  Police sources say that the home is surrounded by Officers and K9s.

Multiple units with long guns and SWAT are enroute to the scene to assist.  A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter has also been requested.  An unknown number of residents from the home have been taken to a hospital with unknown injuries and it was reported that they had been beaten.  An unidentified witness told a news source that so many shots were fired that it sounded like fireworks on the Fourth of July.  An unconfirmed source said that no Deputies were injured and all were accounted for.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the Harris County Deputies and all law enforcement officers who are involved in this developing situation.



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