One of the best long range shooting rifle you can find for about %500 are definitely the Savage Axis,  Ruger American, Remington 783, and Mossberg Patriot. They are excellent platforms for a DIY 1000 yard rifle build. However the question is- which should we choose?

All of these above mentions long range shooting rifles follow the Savage formula:

1. A spotter barrel affixed to…

2. A tubular action via…

3. A plastic stock.

4. A detachable double-stack magazine.

5. A barrel nut.
In the video,  after looking for every detail, the one to choose was Savage Axis. Its due to his lowest price, as well as the excellent aftermarket parts available, most notably a laminate target stock from Boyds. With a trigger job, the Axis should work very well.

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Opposite to this,  Mossberg Patriot has a great trigger and probably the most rigid stock, but his price, compared with some other rifles is higher. The Ruger American features a 70-degree bolt throw, but its bolt head is fixed. When it comes to the Remington 783, this long range shooting rifle is priced well and also looks beautiful, but Boyds does not yet offer a target stock.

All these rifles reviewed here have more in common than just the price—they are all embarrassingly accurate! Granted, you give up some degree of refinement like fit, materials, finish and caliber choice, but if you are interested in performance as well as price, you can’t go wrong choosing any one of them.World’s MOST FEARED Sniper Rifle Ever Designed

However, which one would be your choice?



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