Antifa are domestic terrorists who resort to intimidation and violence in order to silence and destroy their political opponents.
They sow havoc and chaos everywhere they go. They destroyed multiple pieces of property during President Trump’s inauguration including a Starbucks, McDonalds, and a limousine.
They have torched college campuses and threatened chemical attacks in order to stifle conservative speakers from simply giving a speech.
These people use the same tactics as ISIS to destroy their political opponents and should be classified as a terrorist organization and summarily destroyed. They are active opponents of the U.S. Constitution.

To President Donald Trump:
We the people of the United States of America hereby petition you to declare the people organizing and declaring themselves members of Antifa and the Antifa organizations as domestic terrorists.

These people commit acts of terror including physically assaulting and attacking American patriots. They also actively destroy property including places of business.

One of their most egregious acts is using violence to silence political opposition and have resorted to bomb threats in order to do so.

We implore you to impose law and order and classify Antifa as a domestic terror organization so that the American people can live happy and productive lives in a society that fosters diverse ideas without the threat of direct violence and death.


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