Are you tired of the NFL and it’s preachy, anti-Americanism? You’re not alone!

More and more Patriots are boycotting the NFL.

This Sports Memorabilia store owner had enough and held an ‘Honor the Flag’ event with UNBELIEVABLE results.

The majority of 49ers fans are okay with a boycott.


Americans have had enough of:

Kaepernick’s continuing protest against the anthem.

Getting preached at about BLM and racial injustice by NFL players.

The Dallas Cowboys getting their hand slapped when they wanted to honor fallen cops.

The 9/11 cleats controversy.

Stupid penalties for ‘cultural insensitivity’. (Because it’s offensive to Native Americans. And nobody else uses bows and arrows…)

Celebrities are sick of it, too. Check out these epic slapdowns:

Kiss honors the anthem.

Kid Rock has a message for Kaepernick.

James Woods vows to boycott the NFL.

Kate Upton has a message for the NFL players that are ‘protesting’.

The NFL is a fan-based market. If the fans go away, the NFL can’t survive.

NFL brass needs to start listening to fans rather than activist diva players.

Maybe these jokers should remember that they rely on fans as they kneel in protest but still sign contracts worth millions of dollars.




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