This baby is a foldable, single-barrel rifle. It is extremely light at just under 3 pounds and you can pack it anywhere. This rifle just may be one of the best bangs for the buck.

The rifle is break action and almost anyone can shoot it. It is well priced and is unlike any other rifle on the market today.

The thing I like about it is that even with its small size, it looks like it shoots very well.

You can always use another gun. This small rifle seems like the one to get. It’s small, light, and at a good price. Good for use in emergencies or packing an extra rifle with you.

From Simple Little Life:

The Little Badger from Chiappa is a really interesting offering. I like it so much because it’s unlike any other firearms currently on the market. And, it’s priced well. Great for teaching young people to shoot because it’s so light, and a great option for a survival/bugout bag gun because of it’s ultra compact size.

The coolest survival rifle you’ll ever see…




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