7 Tips For First Time Gun Owners

Over the last 20 years America has experienced a surge in firearm purchases and first time gun owners. In fact, nearly every year since our government failed to renew the Clinton-era assault weapons ban has continuously been touted as a record year for gun sales .   However, 2020 has been the undisputed champ when it […]

Top 5 Handguns For Self Defense

Choosing the perfect self defense carry weapon is a very personal choice. Before making a purchase, we always recommend heading to your local range and trying out some rentals.  Keep in mind, most firearms dealers do not accept returns. Even for defective firearms. In many cases, you’re left to resolve any issues with the manufacturer. […]

Six Factors To Consider When Valuing Your Gun

You enjoy your guns, you shoot them, clean them, take good care of them, but what are they really worth?  Gun valuation is part art, part science, with a few dashes of guesswork thrown into the mix.  Guns are in a very unique category.  Because they are generally tightly regulated, you can’t just put an […]

What’s The Deal With Online CCW Courses?

Here’s What You Need To Know Deciding to carry a concealed weapon can be a daunting decision for any gunowner, let alone one new to firearms.  The first question most people interested in carrying concealed as is “how do I do this legally?”  The patchwork of state laws regulating concealed carry is enough to make […]

Why You Should Always Have An IFAK

If you’re reading this, you’re probably around firearms on a regular basis.  You know they can cause injury, you practice gun safety, in short, you’re a responsible gun owner.  No matter how cautious you are, accidents can happen.  Maybe it’s not even your fault, someone else’s negligence leads to a catastrophic injury.  Now what? What […]

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