The Future of Ammunition


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Getting real for a minute, there’s been very little exciting innovation in the firearms industry over the last ten years. Glock came out with a .22 caliber pistol. Queue sounds of disappointment. Very little has been done to bring new value to consumers. Certainly nothing game changing. But all of that just changed.

AmmoSquared Has Changed the Game

AmmoSquared has crashed into the scene and is changing all of the rules for how you can get ammunition and what you can do with it. Like something out of Metro 2033, AmmoSquared has open the doors for folks to use ammunition as currency, a savings account, ammunition storage, and an ammunition subscription. 

It’s a lot to take in because, well, AmmoSquared nearly does it all. We’re going to hit the high notes, but we recommend setting up an account, doing some exploring and reaching out to their A+ customer service team so that you can see for yourself what they’re all about. 

Fill Your Ammo Piggy Bank

First things first, you’ll want to set up an account (trust us, you wont regret it). One of the most awesome things about AmmoSquared, is that they care about their customers. They offer payment by credit card (for convenience) but also via money order and ACH for those who are concerned about privacy – and they are working on an option for crypto!

AmmoSquared allows you to purchase ammo in a variety of ways. You can choose reoccurring payments, as much or as little as you like, and put that towards the caliber of your choice. You can also place buy orders to boost your supply. 
We like using it as a piggy bank, sending a small portion of every paycheck to them to build our ammunition supply. We don’t miss the small amount, and this way we never have to worry about the next ammunition shortage. 
Ammunition in your account is back by 100% physical ammunition at their warehouse and you can store it for as long as you’d like. They’ll even rotate it out for fresh ammunition every 3 months for you. You can get your ammunition shipped to your door at any time, and orders over $250 ship free. 

Send and Request Ammunition

This is one of the most revolutionary features of AmmoSquared. Once you have an account you can send ammunition to anyone. 

Stop and think about this for a minute. You now have a platform to buy and sell nearly anything using ammunition. Private firearms purchases, bartering at your local swap meet, you can probably even use it to receive payment for Gunbroker transactions. Store it in your AmmoSquared account, or request it as a shipment. If the price of ammo goes up, you can even sell it back to AmmoSquared and make a nice profit. Which leads us to….

Invest in Ammunition

If you’re accepting ammunition as payment, or buying a little every check like us, you’ll be accumulating a great store. As we all know, every couple of years the price of ammo spikes. AmmoSquared not only allows you to buy ammunition, but you can also sell it back. 

Never satisfied with good enough, AmmoSquared takes it a step further. They give you the option of selling immediately at market price, or setting a sell order that will allow you to sell a pre-selected quantity at a price you determine. When the market price hits your set price, AmmoSquared will execute your order. 

They also allow you to do the same for purchase orders! Set a price you’re comfortable with buying at, and when the market price hits, they’ll execute your buy order! 

Look, we can talk until we’re blue in that face about how awesome AmmoSquared is. But unless you get in gear and sign up, you’ll be missing out. Sign up for an account today, check out the dashboard, and SET UP A CRATE! 

$20 in FREE AMMO

AmmoSquared is offering a $20 account credit for you to get signed up TODAY. Click the link below and you’ll get a $20 credit to build your ammo bank account and help build ours as well! 

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