Cruisin’ the Apocalypse: Budget vs Baller

Gear up for ‘Cruisin’ the Apocalypse: Baller vs Budget,’ a thrilling blog series where we modify a Mercedes G Class and OBS Bronco for post-apocalyptic survival. Expect car mods, movie-inspired challenges, and a humorous take on the end of the world. Perfect for survival and gun enthusiasts

     Hey there, survivalists and gun aficionados! Buckle up for a wild ride as we kick off our newest series, “Cruisin’ the Apocalypse: Baller vs Budget.” This isn’t your typical survival guide. Oh no, we’re taking it to the next level – with a twist of humor and a dash of diesel fumes.

The Mission? Survival on Wheels!

      In this adrenaline-fueled series, we’re embarking on a mission to prepare for the unthinkable (but totally cool) post-apocalyptic world. How? By getting our hands on two legendary beasts of the automotive world: a Mercedes G Class and an OBS (Old Body Style) Bronco. But here’s the kicker – we’re keeping it real with a used Merc to stay within a “somewhat” reasonable budget.

     Why these two, you ask? Simple. It’s the ultimate showdown of luxury vs legacy. On one side, the Mercedes G Class – the “Baller” ride, symbolizing power and prestige even when the world’s gone topsy-turvy. And on the other, the rugged, timeless OBS Bronco – the “Budget” warrior, ready to tackle the apocalypse without breaking the bank.

Modding Madness and Movie Mayhem

     Each article in the series will chronicle our journey of modifying these bad boys to withstand various apocalyptic scenarios. Think “Mad Max” meets “The Walking Dead” with a touch of “The Book of Eli.” We’ll be tweaking, tuning, and transforming these vehicles to survive whatever fictional future we can dream up.

     It’s not just about slapping on some armor and calling it a day. We’ll rate and rank these rides based on different criteria inspired by our favorite post-apocalyptic movies. Speed, durability, weapon storage, you name it. And expect a healthy dose of humor along the way – because if you can’t laugh at the apocalypse, what can you laugh at?

     If you’re into survival, guns, and getting a little greasy, this series is right up your alley. We’re keeping things light and fun but informative, perfect for those with a penchant for a good blend of cars, carnage, and cool guns.

Join the Apocalypse Adventure

      So, grab your survival gear, and let’s get ready to roll out. Whether you’re Team Baller or Team Budget, there’s something here for everyone. Stay tuned for our first installment where we introduce our apocalyptic contenders in more detail. It’s going to be epic, slightly ridiculous, and totally unforgettable.


See you on the other side of sanity, fellow apocalypse cruisers!

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